• Beer Tap - Standard - Chrome Plated
    Chrome plated brass standard dispensing faucet with brass lever. Requires a shank and handle.   Finish: chrome plated. Material: brass.

  • Coopers DIY Beer Snap Tap
    Easy to clean, two piece snap tap designed specifically for the Coopers DIY Beer Fermenter and the Coopers DIY Beer Craft Brew Kit.

  • European Compensator Tap
    These are chrome platted homebrew beer taps. Traditional European design with long spout for decreased foam. Adjustable flow control lever allows pouring of highly-carbonated and/or highly-pressurised beer with less foam. Easily mountable, with long shank. Takes 3/8 beer gas line.

  • Plastic Tap With Sediment Reducer Attached
    The ideal tap for all fermenters. This tap comes with a sediment reducer attached so no sediment will come through when taking a sample. Ideal for all homebrew beer and wine fermenters.

  • Tap PVC and Backnut Red
    For screwing on plastic containers, buckets, ... Red model with little handle. Can take tubing.  The bottle filling device fits with this tap perfectly for a bottling option. Fits 5/8th tubing.

  • Tap Washer
    Provides an air tight seal to your Quick Serve or Drum Tap.

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