California Connoisseur California Riesling Makes 30 bottles
Smooth, full bodied ...
California Connoisseur California Riesling Makes 30 bottles
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Back Nut,Plastic (3/4" BSP)
Replacement back nut for both the quick serve and drum taps.

Drum Tap,Plastic With Back Nut
This item includes the tap, tap washer and back nut and fits the King Keg, Hambleton Bard and Beersphere barrels. It is also suitable for fitting to your 5 gallon wine fermenter and your fermenting buckets.
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European Compensator Tap
These are chrome platted homebrew beer taps. Traditional European design with long spout for decreased foam. Adjustable flow control lever allows pouring of highly-carbonated and/or highly-pressurised beer with less foam. Easily mountable, with long shank. Takes 3/8 beer gas line.

Plastic Tap With Sediment Reducer Attached
The ideal tap for all fermenters. This tap comes with a sediment reducer attached so no sediment will come through when taking a sample. Ideal for all homebrew beer and wine fermenters.

Quick Serve Plastic Tap & Back Nut
This tap comes with a back washer and is suitable for fitting into the standard 2 and 5 gallon barrels.

Tap PVC and Backnut Red
For screwing on plastic containers, buckets, ... Red model with little handle. Can take tubing.  The bottle filling device fits with this tap perfectly for a bottling option. Fits 5/8th tubing.

Tap Washer
Provides an air tight seal to your Quick Serve or Drum Tap.

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