Mangrove Jacks Town Crier Light Best Bitter 3kg (Makes 40 Pints)

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In centuries past, a town crier has been a somewhat ridiculous figure, dressed in a robe and breeches, brandishing a bell and saying "Hear Ye" quite a lot. Well, things have moved on a bit since then and now the Town Crier is a beer. Not just any beer though. This strong pale ale boldly proclaims its biscuit malts, raspberry aroma and perfectly dry, bitter aftertaste that may soon become the talk of the town.

This kit contains:
- 3kg malt extract
- brewing yeast
- hops

- Style: Light Best Bitter
- ABV Approx. 4.3%
- Hops: Celeia, Admiral
- Bitterness: IBU 32-40
- Bitterness: 3/5
- Colour: Dark Gold
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