The Grain Father Brewing System (Incs FREE Mash Kit and Steriliser)

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The Grainfather’s simple to use system is designed for craft beer lovers.


The all in one, temperature controlled unit makes learning to brew the traditional way, easy, regardless of whether you have any experience or not. There is no limit to the types and styles of beer that can be made. From Pale Ales to Stouts, low alcohol or high, it’s your time to get creative and make an exciting new brew each time.


All in one


Mash, sparge, boil and cool all in one unit, meaning there is less equipment to use, clean and store.




The Grainfather is electrically powered and designed to be used in doors. No need for burners, or hot plates. Just plug in and go!




30 L (8 US Gal) capacity. Perfect for small spaces. Packs everything back into itself for easy storage after use.


Temperature Control


The built in element provides even heating across the base. Dial in the exact temperature for your mash. Can be used for both step mashing and single temperature mashing with very fast ramp up between steps.



Tempered glass lid for greater heating efficiencies before, and during the mashing stage.


Expandable Grain Basket


The telescopic design system incorporated into the grain basket allows you to control the ratio of grain to water and keeps a consistent temperature throughout your grain bed. This also makes it possible to mash a wide range of grain bills, from low gravity beers all the way to high gravity.




Used to gently recirculate wort through the grain during the mashing stage for better temperature control, sugar extraction and optimal brewing efficiencies.


Easy Cleaning


Pump filter, temperature control unit, piping, mesh plates are all easily removed and taken apart to make clean up as simple as possible after the brew day.


Time off the brew day


Getting to correct temperatures faster, the all in one system, and easy clean up afterwards sheds hours off a typical brew day. Brewing with the Grainfather takes approximately 4 hours.


Step 1: Choose your recipe


Once you decide what you want to brew, find a recipe with a “Grain Bill” which tells you exactly how much of which grains and hops you need to buy.


Step 2: Mash


Mashing is the process of extracting all of the fermentable sugars and flavours from the crushed grain. Different temperatures will be recommended depending on your recipe. Once you are ready to brew, fill the Grainfather with water and place the lid on top. Dial in your mashing temperature and set the Grainfather to

Mash and add the grains. During the mash, the pump will recirculate the wort through the grains, to ensure even temperature throughout. This maximises the extraction of sugars from the grain.


Step 3: SPARGE


Sparge by pouring hot water over the grain to release any remaining sugars.


Step 4: Boil


Remove Grain Basket full of grain. Switch the Grainfather to Boil using the temperature control dashboard. Boil for the recommended time and add hops throughout the boil according to your recipe.


STEP 5: Cool


Use the Grainfather Counter Flow Wort Chiller to cool the wort down to 20oC (68oF) in under 20 minutes. Run the fresh, cooled wort straight from the Grainfather into a clean sterilised fermenter, ready to pitch the yeast.




Once in the fermenter, the wort will need to ferment for approximately 2 week, after which the beer is finished and can be bottled or transferred to a Cornelius keg.

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