The Orgasm (IPA) 40 Pints 3.0 Kg

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82,944 different beer kits in one. Yes that’s how many different beer kits are possible with this kit. It can be a blonde ale, an IPA, an English ale, a session lager, just tweak it to your liking. We have brewed several combinations ourselves and each one is both unique and more importantly very very drinkable. We use the finest malt extract from the largest malt extract supplier in the world, there are no corners cut when it comes to quality. We combine this with a professionally chosen yeast which is used in professional breweries around the world. The hops you chose are all vacuum packed and from this years harvest so your finished beer is bursting with flavour. These kits are a great way to get to know what all the different hop flavours bring to the finished beer.


This is the first home brew beer kit of its type in the world. It is the first homebrew beer kit EVER where you the customer chose how it is made. So how does it work:


First you chose what bitterness level you want in your beer. We have two levels in this kit, 30 IBU for the perfect bitterness level and then for those of you who prefer a bit more bite to your finished homebrew we have added the 60 IBU option for you.


Second, chose the colour. We have a light, amber and dark available. If you are building lager, chose light, ales chose amber and black IPAs and darker beers chose dark.


Next the fun bit. We have 24 different hops to choose from and you get to chose three from the large selection. You can tailor the beer to your tastes.


Example if looking to make a lager style beer why not combine from Anthanum, Saaz, Herbrucker, Perle, Styrian Goldings and even Sorachi Ace


For English ales why not combine Challenger, East Kent Goldings, Fuggles or Nugget.


IPAs chose from Amarillo, cascade, Chinook, Columbus Galaxy, Summit, Willamete etc…The combinations are endless.


If you want an all cascade beer just chose cascade in the three hop options. There is really no end to the fun.

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