Yeast Bay Liquid Yeast



Cell Counts. Saccharomyces single strains and blends will contain ~80 billion cells per vial. Brettanomyces single strains and blends and Lactobacillus and Pediococcus single strains and blends will contain ~2 billion cells per vial.


Saccharomyces/Brettanomyces/Lactobacillus/Pediococcus blends will contain a variable number of cells depending on the blend, and the approximate cell count will be listed on the ordering page.


Starter Culture. Starter cultures are recommended for several reasons, the primary reason being the production of a healthy cell population of required cell density to ferment the wort that has been produced. We recommend using when calculating the size of yeast starter required. The manufacture date of the yeast is 4 months before the "Best Before" date on the vial.


While we typically do not recommend starters for blends as there is a possibility that the proportions of organisms may change and produce a slightly different character than intended, we understand that it will at times be necessary. The risk of significantly changing the proportions of organisms is lower in blends that contain all the same type of organism (i.e. only Brettanomyces or Saccharomyces).


Due to significant variation in growth rates and conditions among Saccharomyces, BrettanomycesLactobacillus and Pediococcus, starter cultures for complex blends containing multiple types of organisms may alter the proportions. An important aspect of making a starter culture for these blends is to ensure the temperature is not too hot, which will greatly increase the metabolic activity of the lactic acid bacteria. If the pH drops significantly due to acid production, this may inhibit yeast growth and drastically change the balance of the culture. A semi-aerobic starter made at a temperature of ~66 -68 ºF for ~24-36 hours will be sufficient to bump up the cell count while keeping the lactic acid bacteria population under control.


Vial Use. Follow the instructions below for use of the homebrew vials:


1) Store the vial in the refrigerator until use, and remove 3-6 hours prior to use.


2) Sanitize the outside of the vial very well before opening by submerging in room temperature sanitizer. Ensure the contact time is the same as required by the manufacturer of the sanitizer.


3) Shake the vial well to resuspend, and open cap slowly and carefully. To prevent excess gas pushing yeast out of the top, you may need to vent the vial by slightly opening the cap, allowing a small amount of gas out and then closing. The venting may need to be repeated several times before the vial can be fully opened.


4) Add to starter or 5 gallon batch of wort at 70 °F. Hold this temperature until fermentation begins, and then drop to desired temperature. A starter is recommended if the vial is past the "best before" date of if the O.G. is over 1.070. 

  • Yeast Bay Vermont Ale 4000 Best before 30th December 2017
    Isolated from a uniquely crafted double IPA out of the Northeastern United States, this yeast produces a balanced fruity ester profile of peaches and light citrus that complements any aggressively hopped beer. Expect this strain to take off fast and ferment wort quickly, though elevating the temperature following the bulk of fermentation may be required to raise the attenuation.   In order to achieve high attenuation, we recommend...
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