Still Spirits Flavourings

Each Bottle Contains 50ml - Does 3 x 750ml Bottles!


Still Spirits has bottled the very essence of some of the world's best spirits for you to replicate and enjoy at home. The 'Top Shelf' range of essences is beautifully presented in 50ml bottles that are labelled individually to indicate the commercial spirit they emulate.


Each essence bottle will flavour three standard size 750ml bottles.

  • Still Spirits Top Shelf Distilling Conditioner
    Defoaming agent.    Mixing Instructions: Shake well before use. Use 1 capful when using the Air Still, 4.9 L Boiler or other smaller stills. Use 3 capfuls for the T500 and other large stills. This releases carbon dioxide & stops foaming of unfermented sugars during distillation.
    Sale: €3.41
    Save: 50% off

  • Still Spirits Top Shelf Glycerine 50ml
    Smoothing agent.    Mixing Instructions:Shake well before use. For standard spirits add 5 ml (0.17 US fl oz) per litre (34 US fl oz) to improve fullness and mouthfeel. For Whiskey follow instructions in Whiskey Profile Kit.
    Sale: €2.92
    Save: 50% off

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