Funnels Paddles Spoons

  • S30 Stainless Steel Beer Paddle 24 (60cm)
    A strong stainless steel mash paddle with a length of 24" is substantial enough to enable a deep hot mash to be stirred and also to aerate the wort before yeast pitching.
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  • Stainless Steel Mash Paddle 30 Inch
    The Stainless Steel Mash Paddle 30 inch has an easy to clean and sanitise surface. Stainless steel is the choice of material for brewing professionals all over the world. The perfect addition to any all grain brewer's tools and solid construction ensures it will be in use for many years to come. Add this tool to your brew setup today.
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  • Wooden mash paddle 70 cm
    Mash paddle for beer brewers, for stirring wort during mashing. With rounded corners to avoid scratches and height markings to enable easy measuring of the volume in your brew kettle. The rule of thumb is divide the total volume of the kettle by the kettle height for the number of litres per cm. For example, a brew kettle with a 98-litre capacity and 50 cm in height will contain approx. 2 litres per cm. For a more precise calculation of the...

  • Beer Paddle Plastic
    A flat sided paddle with holes, made for stirring wort. The holes greatly aid the mixing of malt extract with water and sugar.

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