• 6 Inch Weldless Thermowell Kit - 1/2 inch NPT
    Weldless Thermowell Kit has a 1/2" Female NPT (6" Probe). It's total length is 7" with the stem being 6" in length with an Outer Diameter of 3/8" and an Inner Diameter of 1/4".
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  • Fermenter Stopper - Stainless Thermowell (15 inches)
    This carboy thermowell is used in conjunction with a temperature controller to more accurately regulate internal temperature during fermentation. It is exceptionally useful during the start of fermentation when the lag between ambient temperature in the fermentation chamber and actual temperature in the fermenter can vary greatly. Now you can keep your beer or wine within one degree of the set point on your digital controller.
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  • Weldless Thermowell Kit - 1/2" Female NPT (2" Probe)
    Thermowells are installed onto brewing pots and kettles to allow a thermometer probe or even a temperature controller sensor to be inserted through its hollow tube. It is also used to keep the temperature sensors away from the liquid that it [thermowell] is immersed in. It protects the device from being exposed to the elements such as the flow-induced forces, pressure, and chemical effects of the boiling wort. The process fluid then transfers...

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