Woodfordes Kits 3kg

As well as using spring water, Woodforde's use only the finest local ingredients including Norfolk-grown Barley.

This enables the production of beers of the finest quality, distinctive in character and with a devoted following. These kits do not require sugar addition. They are all malt kits.

  • Woodfordes Admiral Reserve 3kg (32pt)
    Solid and generous sweet fruit flavour create a complex and satisfying dark chestnut-coloured beer. Wonderfully, and dangerously, drinkable
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  • Woodfordes Bure Gold Kit - 3kg (40pt)
    Woodfordes Bure Gold beer kit! This new 3kg beer kit brews 40 pints of pale, sweet, malty aromatic golden ale at 4.3%. This kit includes American aroma hops to tantalise the palate. “Bure Gold” was launched commercially by Woodforde's in 2013, and has proved to be an exceptionally popular golden ale with Real Ale drinkers.

  • Woodfordes Nog Porter Style 3kg (40pt)
    Smooth, rich and rounded ‘Old Ale’ with a velvety texture and hints of chocolate, treacle and liquorice Dark full-bodied Red Brown Beer with plenty of flavour & aroma

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