New Products

Still Spirits Profiles Gin Base
  Profile Range Profile Range  is a selection of flavourings and adjuncts to build Gin and Whiskey style flavoured beverages your way! The... more info
Distillers Yeast Rum 20g
Distiller's Range Distiller's Range ; genuine distilling yeasts, nutrients and enzymes for home craft distilling! For those wanting to... more info
White Labs WLP693 Lactobacillus Plantarum Yeast
Typically found in probiotics, this bacteria has been found to produce high levels of lactic acid. This strain is perfect for sour kettle or sour... more info
White Labs WLP686 Zygosaccharomyces Lentus Yeast
This strain of non-conventional brewing yeast is a maltose negative strain of yeast ideal for low alcohol beers. This species does not ferment... more info
White Labs WLP631 Appalachian Tart Yeast
This specialty blend of Kveik yeast and Lactobacillus sp. has been designed to create a unique co-ferment of yeast and bacteria resulting in a mildly... more info
Muntons Flagship American Amber Ale 3kg - 4% ABV
A delicious malty and toffee flavoured American Amber Ale with Cascade and Centennial hop pellets delivering a floral and citrus hop aroma, balanced... more info
Muntons Flagship Milk Stout 3.5kg - 4% ABV
A creamy and delicious Milk Stout with a smooth mouthfeel and low bitterness. Our premium malt extract combining with the 500g lactose and Fermentis... more info
Muntons Flagship West Coast IPA 4kg - 7% ABV
Three different hop pellet varieties are packed into our mouth-watering West Coast IPA. Chinook, Columbus and Summit combine to reveal resinous and... more info