Country Wines 6 bottles

Youngs have created a range of kits to embrace the flavours commonly enjoyed in traditional country wines. Wines with freshness, zest and complexity rarely found from simple to brew wine kits and in a convenient size. Six bottles, that allow the avid winemaker the opportunity to stock their cellar with a rich variety of country wines without the need to build an extension!

These 6 bottle wine kits can be brewed using our 6 bottle wine equipment pack

  • Country Wine Bilberry 6 Bottles ***BB 31/05/19
    These Youngs Country Wine kits contain 900g of grape juice that is fermented in the unual way.  After the fermentation has finished a flavour pack is added to the wine to provide the fruit taste.  This is a great way of making a fruit wine as it ensures that the fresh and refreshing taste of the fruit is maintained in the finished product.   This kit makes 6 bottles.
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