Beer Starter Kit, includes 48 bottles, Beer kit, Brewing Sugar

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48 500ml Ox-Bar bottles   


1 x 33lt Fermenter with lid, grommet and bubbler airlock


1 x Bottle Filling Stick


1 x Simple Syphon


1 x Hydrometer with sampling tube in one


1 x Stirring Spoon 


1 x Large Liquid Crystal Thermometer (easy to read, 10 o C to 40 o C)


1 x 100g Sterilizer


1 x Lager Home Brew Kit, makes 40 pints, includes yeast


1 Kg Brewing sugar


1 Pack of Coopers Carbonation Drops


Make beer as per instructions per kit. We recommend you leave the beer in the fermenter for at 10-14 days before bottling using the syphon connected to the bottle filling stick. Use one carbonation drop per 500ml bottle when bottling. Leave bottles at room temperature until they are gassed up fully.


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