Brew Monk

Brew Monk All-in-one Brewing System
The Brew Monk is an automatic all-in-one, stainless steel brewing system, capable of effortlessly brewing up to 30 litres of wort. You control and... more info
Brew Monk Cape for Fermenter 30 Litre
This Brew Monk insulated jacket is designed to improve the performance of the fermenters, even during cold winter months, in chilly convents or cool... more info
Brew Monk Counterflow Chiller
The Brew Monk Counterflow Chiller cools your wort in no time!   Inside the counterflow chiller, the wort flows in the opposite direction of the... more info
Brew Monk Sparge Water Heater
The brothers at Brew Monk have great news – their new sparge water heater is here! It heats a whopping 22 litres of water at a time, so... more info
Brew Monk Whirlpool Arm
The Brew Monk Whirlpool Arm is a handy accessory for the Brew Monk which fits on the external circulation pipe. The integrated magnetic pump will... more info