• Clean all equipment with a good homebrew cleaner/ steriliser (we recommend Star San)
  • Place the malt bag in hot water for 15 minutes to soften the malt extract.
  • Remove the muslin bag containing the steeping grain from the pack.
  • Steep the bag in 2 litres of water at 67°C for 30 minutes. Hold the temperature here for 30 minutes, use a cooker if necessary to bring temp back up.
  • While this is steeping heat another 2 litres of water to 70°C.
  • At 30 minutes remove the grain bag and pour off liquid into your fermenter.
  • Place the bag into a colander/ sieve above an empty saucepan and rinse the grain bag through with the second 2 litres of 70°C water. Pour this rinse into the fermenter.  You may now dispose the bag to waste.
  • Now empty the contents of the malt bag into the fermenter. Rinse out any remaining extract from the bag with hot water and add to the fermenter as well.
  • Add the small bottle of hop extract.
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly to dissolve.
  • Top up the fermenter with cold water to 23 litres. Stir vigorously to aerate the wort. (A paddle on a drill is handy for this step).
  • Add your yeast and ferment the beer at 18 to 25°C. 20°C is optimal.
  • On day 10 open the fermenter lid and sprinkle the pellet hops on top of the beer.
  • Your beer should be ready to bottle/ keg from day 18 onwards.



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