Wine Bottling Equipment

Fermtech Wine Thief
'Wine Thief' transparent The ideal solution for sampling your beer/wine in a quick and easy way. You can even use it as a mea-suring... more info
Industrial Bench Corker
Inserts corks with little effort. All steel construction is adjustable to any bottle size and provides lifetime service. Easy, one screw assembly... more info
Twin Lever Corker Standard
Double Lever Corker: Twin handles allow for easy corking. Simply place the cork into the chamber, place the corker on top of the bottle, and depress... more info
Vinometer Simple Model 0-25°
This tool measures the potential alcohol in finished "unsweetened" wine. So if you forgot to record your initial Specific Gravity and need... more info
Wine Whip Degasser
Handy device for removing the CO2 out of your wine after fermentation. Easy to attach on a drill (3/8”). more info