8. Brew In A Bag (BIAB)

Brew In A Bag (BIAB)


These are a general set of guidelines for use of the brew in the bag method of all grain home brewing. This method can be used with our all grain recipe kits HERE with our BIAB starter kit HERE




1.      Bring 26 litres of water to 70ºC in your boiler with your mashing bag in place.

2.      Add the grain content of the recipe to the bag in the boiler and check temperature (ensure the bag is not touching the element).

3.      Stir the grain in the bag to ensure there are no dough balls.

4.      Check the temperature, making sure the mash is between 65 - 69 ºC, adjust as necessary.

5.      Mash the grain for the required time in the recipe, 60 to 90 minutes usually.

6.      Ensure the mash is kept between the optimum temperature for the duration of the mash.

7.      Heat approximately 6 litres of water to 80 ºC.

8.      When the mash is complete, remove the bag of grain and rinse it with a portion of the 6 litre of 80 ºC water. Only use the amount of this sparge water that will bring the wort from the mash up to the target boil volume. The target boil volume is approximately 27 litres.

9.      Bring the wort to the boil and add the hops at the appropriate times.

10.  After the boil cool the wort using the wort chiller and transfer the wort to the fermenter.

11.  Add the yeast and leave to ferment.

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