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Geordie Mild
Geordie Mild is a dark mild with traditional, fuller Northern taste. Made from natural ingredients - malt, hops and barley - it has a smooth head and... more info
Geordie Scottish Export
Has a full balanced taste and the distinctive aroma of Scottish Beers. Produces a deep golden coloured beer. Makes 40 pints Requires 1kg of brewing... more info
Geordie Winter Warmer
A beer with a rich dark colour, reminiscent of the woody colour of conkers, with a lightly balanced hop character and a hint of spice, making this an... more info
Geordie Yorkshire Bitter
Yorkshire Bitter, light in colour with the slightly sweeter taste and fuller body favoured in Yorkshire.It has a creamy head and a full body. Makes... more info
Geordie Lager
Geordie Lager is a light refreshing beer with a tangy continental taste. Made from natural ingredients - malt, hops and barley - it's sparkling... more info
Geordie Bitter
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A Traditional well-hopped bitter with a rich nutty flavour that beer drinkers love. It has a deep clear deep amber colour and a full head. It's... more info