Alcotec 24 Turbo Yeast

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Will ferment up to 14% alcohol in only 24 hours. There will be a tremendous CO2 discharge so DO NOT USE AN AIRLOCK! This superyeast is rather tolerant to temperatures, you can safely use it in the summer heat.


Turbo Yeasts for high speed were first developed by us in the early 1990's (Turbo3, Sweden). The 24 hour super yeast is from another planet though - we guarantee that you have never seen anything like it!

Prior to the release of the Alcotec 24, it was considered impossible to fement alcohol at this speed. The fastest competitors are still making 3-day types. We are currently developing a new generation turboyeasts with properties you could only dream about a few years ago. Alcotec 24 is the first - expect more to come!


A parallell to superyeasts are the (also called Moonshine Making Kits) used mainly in the UK to ferment up to just under 20% alcohol. This base is treated with activated carbon and flavoured with into liqueurs.


The high alcohol kits are in general delicate and sensitive whilst the superyeast is a very robust thing. We developed the 24 hour turbo to be fairly insensitive, fast and easy to use for home distillers. It is not very well suited for use as a "budget" high alcohol kit because of the lack of finings, activated carbons etc - if you want to drink rather than distill the final result you really need to treat it further so you may well be better off buying a high alcohol kit anyway.


On the other hand - if you flavour it and sweeten it you may get away with using a High Alcohol turbo for drinking purposes but it is essential that you use finings (TurboKlar). It will still be difficult to clear though - the yeast strain we use here is a notoriously difficult one when it comes to clearing. It's advantages are mainly speed and very clean fermentation.


For large batch fermentations, this is not a suitable product. You can probably get away with a 50 litre wash fermentation but not much more.

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