Barrel Spares

  • 2" Cap complete with S-30 valve
    The cap fits most barrels with a 2" neck to enable the injection of gas using a SodaStream style CO2 Cylinder. Supplied ready to use with fitted o-ring. This valve isn't fitted with a pin so isn't suitable for using small 8g bulbs, only larger re-fillable cylinders. The valve has a 2 way function, allowing the addition of gas and the release of excess pressure.

  • Hambleton bard S30 8g bulb holder
    The new stainless steel insert S30 holder for 8g bulbs, It has long been a problem that the threads wear out in a normal plastic or nylon bulb holder so we have made a considerable improvement by combining the plastic holder with a stainless steel thread insert.
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  • Latstock Beer Float
    This cap will fit both the King Keg Bottom and Top Tap Barrels. Comes with O Ring and inlet/pressure relief valve.

  • N2O Bulbs 8g Heimo (10 per Box)
    10 disposable 8 gram bulbs filled with Nitrogen gas. Perfect for stouts, and all draught beers. Gives a much smoother beer that's much easier to drink.

  • Pin Valve S-30
    S30 replacement valve with pin (8g CO2 bulbs only) as used on the S30 cap fitted to most pressure barrels for homebrew use, such as the Rotokeg, King Keg etc. Also suitable for other applications. Can only be used with the small 8g CO2 bulbs & holder.

  • Sealing Wax for Wooden Casks 500g
    Sealing wax Natural vegetable wax for closing small leaks in wooden barrels. Can be used on wet wood. Content: 500 g.

  • Young's Cap/ Injector/ Relief Valves Spare
    A repair kit for use with a King Keg 4 inch Cap or a Basic Barrel 2 inch Cap. The pack contains a white outlet rubber for the brass valve and all the other seals and 'O' rings required to refurbish a 4 or 2 inch barrel cap.

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