Best Cara Munich Type III Malt 500g Crushed (BESTMALZ) 160 EBC

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The Malt


BEST Caramel Munich III (crystal malt) intensifies the beer colour and malty aroma of dark caramels and dried fruits. It gives the beer a significantly darker colour and increases foam stability. In addition, it enhances the full-bodied character of the beer with flavour of intensive roasted almond.

BEST Caramel Munich I to BEST Caramel Munich III are produced by using a unique germination and roasting technique. Our malt masters have developed this gentle but yet effective process in order to generate caramel tastes of different variations and degrees. Brew masters love this dark malt for its unique features.




Perfectly suited for Alt, Marzen, wheat beer, dark beer, bock as well as for other beers.


Usage Rate


Up to 40% of the grain bill.

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