Fathers Day Special Beer Starter Kit (Makes 40 Pints)

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This homebrew beer starter kit produces 40 pints of the finest beer. The kit comes with all the equipment and ingredients you will need to make 40 pints of beer. The pack also includes a 1.5kg can of Premium Brand liquid malt which is used in place of sugar to make the beer.


The equipment comes with a tap and bottling stick for ease of sampling and bottling.

The pack does not contain bottles. You can either use 2 boxes of coopers Ox-Bar Bottles or 40 Brown Glass 500ml bottles with capper and caps.


Included in this pack are:


33 Litre Graduated Fermenter

Large Self Adhesive Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Bubbler, Plastic Airlock


Hydrometer plus sampling tube


Bottle Filling Stick


Munton's Premium Beer kit of Your Choice (Makes 40 Pints)

1.5kg of Brewing Liquid Malt


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