Peco Electric Digital Mashing Bin / Boiler 32 Litre

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The new Electrim Digital Mashing Bin/Boiler uses a state of the art microprocessor to constantly monitor and adjust the temperature of the mash, giving a constant readout of the probe temperature on a clear LED display.


The control unit has a digital display where the desired temperature can be set within the range 0-100 deg C.  The liquid then warms to, and then maintains this temperature, whilst the display shows the current sensor temperature.

The control module is remotely located, so the user can easily position it to enable monitoring at every stage.

Mash with precise temperature control (+/-1°c)
Incremental adjustment in 1°c steps between 0-100°c
Digital display giving real time
Readout of the mash temperature
Increased 32 litre capacity
Trouble free rolling boil

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