4.5l Auto Syphon
This is the branded market leader, made in Canada. Make syphoning easier - a great little device which at a single stroke of the inner tube helps... more info
Fermtech Autosyphon (Recommended)
Single stroke action draws a siphon without disturbing sediment. Precision designed for smooth, leak-free operation.  Simple to sanitise,... more info
Simple Syphon
This syphon tube is made from food grade PVC. There is a small tap attached to one and and a rigid tube attached to the other. This tube has a... more info
Simple Syphon Mini 33cm Long with 150cm tubing
Out Of Stock
The sturdiest mini syphon available to homebrewers today. 33cm long shaft with 150cm of tubing makes it ideal for all your syphoning needs. more info
Syphon Clip - For Simple Syphon
***Not suitable for Auto Syphons***   Attaches to the top of your fermenting bin and holds your syphon tube firmly in place during beer... more info
Syphon Clip for Autosyphon
Clamps to Buckets, Carboys and Gallon Jugs. Holds Auto-Siphon securely above sediment. Snap on, slide down, snap off. more info
Syphon tube clip to control flow
A simple clip that you feed syphon tubing through and then squeeze the clip using it's ratchet mechanism to control the flow of liquid. Use... more info
Small Auto Syphon 4.5lt 33cm
Out Of Stock
Little brother of the well known and popular automatic siphons. Because the standard automatic siphon was too big for smaller bottles, there is this... more info
Medium Auto Syphon 23lt 44cm
Out Of Stock
In crystal-clear plexiglas. Puts an end to unhygienic blowing or sucking on the siphon : simply pull and the siphon is working ! With removable... more info
Large Auto Syphon 56cm
Out Of Stock
In crystal-clear BPA free plastic. Body is 56 cm long. Puts an end to unhygienic blowing or sucking on the siphon: simply pull and the siphon is... more info